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Advocacy for the fund is the second pillar of the organisation after development. For children, through children, with children and by children themselves, the Fund aims to influence policy decisions for the best interest of children. The Fund believes children should be at the centre of all projects, programs and activities whose decisions or outcomes will affect them. Through dialogues, one on one lobbying with policy makers, submission to Parliament for biills and publications to influence public policy, laws and budgets by using facts the Fund engages all the time.  The Fund also uses media and messaging to raise awareness throughout the year and during key moments. The Fund is a member of various Technical Working Groups (TWG), forums, coalitions, and networks of likeminded organisation so that together it can ensure that the rights of children are protected, promoted and children meaningfully participate in decision making processes. The advocacy pipeline of the Fund starts at local level, moves to the district, province, national, regional, Pan African and to the global level.