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Building a Strong Foundation for Children

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund not only recognizes itself as being part of South Africa’s history. It is also the first civil society organisation to locate the problems facing children and to place their plight of at the door of society. The fault was not with children but society which needed to change how its treats children. This is where the vision of the Fund draws its roots: Changing the way society treats its Children and youth.

The well-researched intervention programmes contained in the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund’s (Fund) five year road map; will be implemented and executed in line with the organisation’s strategic intent to strengthen families and communities in the interest of children.

The Fund’s road map is informed by a research study regarding the state of children in South Africa.  The research findings place poverty; lack of access to quality education; lack of formal housing and community environment as the main drivers behind serious challenges facing children and youth.
From the research, the Fund has since identified five priority focus areas to be addressed; namely housing and sanitation; malnutrition; child abuse, youth unemployment and disability. These focus areas have been clustered into three overarching themes for interventions:


  • * Child Survival and Development
  • * Child Safety and Protection
  • * Youth Leadership


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