State of a South African child in the spotlight on world children’s day

As countries around the world mark Children’s Day, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, alongside Deloitte, have shone a spotlight on the numerous challenges affecting South African children and proposed interventions to help tackle the issue.

The organisations released the State of the South African Child report on Monday to coincide with the international holiday.

The report comes seven years after the launch of the state of the South African child initiative which had the “goal of developing and deploying interventions to effect real change for the children of South Africa”, according to the report.
“At the time, five priorities were identified that were aligned to the challenges faced by children and though some progress has been made, a multisectoral approach remains essential to drive meaningful impact. The fund continues to be committed to uplifting the lives of children and the 2022-2027 strategy highlights this, serving as a framework to fast-track and implement change in the lives of South African children.

“Deloitte and the fund have chosen to reignite the partnership and the initiative to reflect on the past seven years, understanding the progress made, and the challenges still present.”
In it, the report explores the five challenges currently affecting the growth and development of children and the call to action for each one.


Platform: Times Live 

Link: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2023-11-20-state-of-a-south-african-child-in-the-spotlight-on-world-childrens-day/